What is BFAST proposing?

Proposed Operating Budget Initiatives:
1.  Restore minimum 30-minute service and add more buses in Burlington’s growing northeastern community.

2.  Create a new bus route along Upper Middle Rd. from Brant St. to Burloak.

3.  Install info-display sheets with routes and scheduled times at all BT bus stops. We have seen riders waiting long periods at bus stops when there was no service.

4. Guarantee trip times on the base routes (1, 2, 3, and 10) to 15 minute headways throughout the day.

Proposed Capital Budget Initiatives:
1.  Acquire a modern dispatch system to enable BT to know at all times where its buses are on their routes and to direct timely adjustments. (Oakville Transit provides a good model).

2.  Replace all buses older than 12 years.  We understand that most transit systems replace their buses by 12 years, if not earlier. This will reduce maintenance costs and increase reliability and passenger comfort.

3.  Add new buses to allow for increased service levels, and build in back-up capacity in case of breakdowns and accidents.

3 thoughts on “Proposals

  1. AP

    I like your ideas. The current system is a confusing, inconsistent mess that tries to segment itself into a network of feeder buses, but fails miserably at doing so. Appleby GO station should be a major transfer point, for example, but the routes that go there are horribly out of sync. The current system also added lots of transfer points which force people to cross busy streets. And instead of telling shopping centres “hey, you’d better keep your lots friendly to transit or face fines” the city punished the riders by pulling the routes out of the mall parking lots. The mayor was quite self-congratulatory over the latest set of changes in fall of 2013, but those who actually depend on the bus pretty well universally agree that the city “doesn’t care about us”. If one could combine a system as well-planned and efficient as Oakville’s is with the snazzy Ride Guide that Burlington’s has, boy would you have something good. Oh, and stop being at “war” with Oakville Transit….. let at least one Oakville bus go to Appleby GO and Lakeside Village and send at least one bus to Bronte GO and Bronte Village. The two systems should complement and co-operate each other rather than seemingly deliberately go out of their way to disadvantage each other.

  2. CG

    I can’t disagree with any of your proposals but I’d like to suggest another one: that transit becomes part of any urban planning. For example, the city should levy some charges on new development to support transit. There’s enough new development along Appleby Line, for example, that a dedicated busway or bus lanes and decent bus service could have been funded with a bit of foresight. Instead, people in places like Alton Village are isolated by huge roads that are dangerous to cross. Transit unites communities.

  3. Simone Galasso

    I would like to see a couple of things. Move the buses back to the front side of the Burlington GO. The buses are not easily accessed where they are now. Also are you aware that riders are told to run across Plains Road so that they can meet their bus? We shouldn’t have to run across any road to make a connection. Can you see a lawsuit in the future? An Express right through to Appleby or better still Burloak Mall would be great! You could get through town in a flash. I would never consider shopping at Burloak as it would take me hours to get there and hours to get home. Even Burlington Mall is now inconvenient as I have to make a connection and if I miss it at Brant Street it is quicker for me to walk. And I have a bad hip! On a personal note, there needs to be an express stop at Plains RD West and York ( my stop). I am unable to walk to an express stop as there is not one close enough in either direction. And finally, I have been taking the bus at this location for ten years now. I have been asking for a shelter for that long of a time. You see, I stand in front of an open field with no protection. I have had no success. They did however, put in tens of thousands of dollars of plants and rocks across the street for me to look at. We pay three to four city employees to maintain them all spring, summer and fall. And we wrap those plants to protect them in the winter. How do you think I feel about that! My husband was going to buy and old phone booth and put it up for me. So, if you can help me with the bus shelter I would appreciate it. Even the drivers feel sorry for me. By the way, they are the best!!!! Thanks, Simone.


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