BFAST’s objectives

1.  To increase ridership.  The transit system becomes better and more viable when more people use it.

2.  To improve the quality of life.  Better transit service will improve the quality of life of all Burlington’s citizens.  Those without a car will be able to travel more easily to work, to school, to shops and to appointments of all kinds.  And those who have a car and prefer to drive will benefit from reduced traffic congestion and pollution.

3.  To treat all citizens equally.   Citizens in north-east Burlington deserve the same standard of service as the rest of the city.  It is only fair to restore the services in this growing area.

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  1. Marie Gailing

    Ineed verification for a newletter I’m doing for Voices for change Halton.What is the status of the Bus Terminal on John St. Is it sold/ Is it for Sale. What is the Plan??I would appreciate any creditable information on this matter.Thank you for every consideration.


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