Aldershot seniors promote campaign to thank BT staff

A group of Aldershot seniors is organizing a week-long “Thank You” from June 22-29 to employees of Burlington Transit for keeping the system running through the COVID-19 crisis.

The event is being organized by the Partnering Aldershot Seniors Committee. Christina Tellier, an Aldershot senior and bus rider, came up with the idea.

The purpose of the week is to “show appreciation to all Burlington Transit Employees and that their efforts have not gone un-noticed, especially the Bus Drivers,” said a statement from the Committee. “Even though ridership was very low, making the trips exceedingly lonely and with having to incorporate all the additional COVID restrictions, they kept the buses running for people who had to get to work, to medical appointments or for grocery shopping etc., many times with the Drivers being the only one on the bus.”

Throughout the week, Burlingtonians are requested to blitz social media “to encourage others to join in the campaign to Thank Burlington Transit.” Transit supporters are encouraged to include a leaflet produced by the Committee in their posts, a copy of which is appended at the end of this article. On Jun. 25, social media posters are encouraged to publish a copy of a thank-you poster, which is currently being prepared.

The Committee lists a number of ways the public can show their appreciation:

  • ‘Thank you Bus Drivers’ signs on lawns along bus routes or in windows (businesses too).
  • Encourage children & families to make signs and holler & wave as busses go by on routes.
  • Encourage families to go to bus stops and show appreciation however they wish.
  • Bus riders to show personal appreciation any way they can.
  • When walking past a bus……. Holler & clap and let driver know it is for him.
  • When driving past a bus, honk with a thumbs up sign
  • Neighbours cheering, clapping etc. at different bus stops along & across from each other (social distancing)
  • Take pictures of actions done and share on social media
  • Retirement Home Residents on bus routes, social distancing, could wave and show appreciation as busses pass or put signs in windows.
  • ‘Thank You Bus Drivers’ on business, churches & City outdoor signs
  • Coffee Shops and Restaurants with a bus stop close could take out coffee to give to drivers or food at breakfast, lunch and supper times.
  • Share PR info & flyers everywhere, as many times & to as many people as you can

Supporters can download and print the following leaflet to add to their social media posts:

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