Mayor signals revival of Transit Advisory Committee

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward at last year’s Transit Users’ Forum.

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward has signalled that she will propose the re-establishment of a Transit Advisory Committee, chaired by new Ward 4 Councillor Shawna Stolte.

It will be a rebirth for the Committee, which was axed by the old City Council and supposedly rolled into the Integrated Transportation Advisory Committee (ITAC). But nothing useful on trabnsit ever came out of ITAC. BFAST made the re-establishment of the Transit Committee one of its key proposals in the civic election.

As reported in The Burlington Gazette, the Transit Advisory Committee will be part of a shakeup of the City’s advisory committees that the new Council must approve.

The Mayor is recommending that the transit committee will cooperate with the Cycling Advisory Committee and the Integrated Transportation Advisory Committee.

“We have over 1 million rides annually on our transit system but no dedicated citizen’s advisory voice to council on transit,” said Meed Ward’s report. “Establishing a committee honours the importance of transit in the community expressed during the election campaign and before, and honours the direct request for a stand-alone transit advisory committee from Burlington For Accessible Sustainable Transit and others.”

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