Announcing Burlington’s 4th Annual Transit Users’ Forum

Supporters of better public transit for Burlington are invited to the Fourth Annual Transit Users’ Forum:

Saturday, April 21, 2018
10:00 AM – 12:30 PM
(Doors open at 9:30 AM; continental breakfast will be served)
Burlington Seniors’ Centre
2285 New St (bus routes 10 and 4)

Visit again for further details about our agenda and speakers. Once again, we expect a large turnout, so please register early!

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2 thoughts on “Announcing Burlington’s 4th Annual Transit Users’ Forum

  1. Laura Lawrence

    I wish to provide my comments on the Burlington transit bus system. I find when travelling on the buses that they are only 25% in use at a given time. Could we not therefore have smaller Public transits such as (Electric Operated) Vans. It would reduce our fuel needs and reduce the space on roads.
    I also find that your bus schedules on arrival and departures do not always tKe into consideration the arrival times of the GO Trains. I use your service from my starting point at Lakeshore and Kenwood (Number 20 Bus), to the Appleby GO Station and return). I also depend on the App Triplinx for scheduling which is a wonderful tool though sometimes your bus operators are not aware of this App when I mention it. ..
    Lastly – I really love this City of Burlington and all your services – though could we not be the first to consider new and cost saving ways to enhance and to show larger cities how best to serve the Public through Public Transits with more effect but smaller Buses.
    Another suggestion is to have small service buses dedicated to fast tracking to the GO Stations for people only wanting to go directly to the GO Trains with strategic pickup and drop off points along the route… would cut down the need for cars parked at the already crowded GO Stations..
    Laura Lawrence

    1. Collin Gribbons Post author

      Hi Laura and thanks for your comment! We are a citizen’s group and not an official branch of the City of Burlington. But we’ll forward your comments to Transit Director Sue Connor at our next meeting.


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