2018 Budget Reaction

BFAST is cautiously optimistic about the outcome of yesterday’s budget committee meeting; this is a very good first step – but much more is needed beginning with the development of a long-term transportation plan where all aspects of transportation – transit, motor vehicles, cycling, walking are looked at together and long-term resources are put in place to build a very good transit system – saving costs on roads, parking, pollution.

Transportation should be developed and evaluated against, economic, social, and environmental criteria.

The following motions moved by Councillor Meed Ward were approved (source)

  • Additional $372,424 to add five transit operators. This will improve service by providing “layover” time between routes, to allow buses to meet schedules if there are unexpected delays (for example, traffic congestion). Layover times are currently below industry norms.
  • Additional $20,600 to provide transit Holiday Service on Dec. 25 and Jan. 1, the only days where no transit service is currently offered. Committee heard from our Director of Transit that Burlington is the only municipality in the GTA that doesn’t operate 365 days per year.

Click here to view our 2018 Budget submission

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