A sad tale of transit in three graphs

Three graphs tell you pretty much what you need to know about why transit in Burlington isn’t working. The reason itself is simple: five of our six city councillors — all except Ward 2 Councillor Marianne Meed Ward — squeeze every dime spent on transit until it bleeds. These are the people who are responsible for the bad scheduling and lack of service that makes every trip on transit a chore in Burlington. These slides came from a presentation to city council by transit planner Jarrett Walker last November.

Our first chart shows that Burlington is behind — way behind — other mid-sized cities in Ontario when it comes to municipal contributions to transit:

Our second chart shiows the same information in graphic format:

Our third chart shows what’s happened to transit ridership in Burlington since the drastic service cuts of 2012-2013. If city council was trying to destroy the system, they’ve made a good start.

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    Every person lured from a bus or a train into a Lyft or Uber adds congestion to the streets and emissions to the air. Even in cities that have made tremendous investments in transit — like Seattle which is investing another $50 billion in light rail — Uber and Lyft ridership recently surpassed light rail ridership.


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