BFAST calls for transit improvements amid funding freeze

BFAST has called on Council and Burlington Transit to make minor improvements to the city’s transit system while it struggles with yet another year of stagnant funding.

The City had already decided to allocate no new funds to transit when BFAST appeared at both a public meeting on next year’s budget Dec.7 and before the Community and Corporate Services Committee Dec. 8.

In a brief presented to the Dec. 8 meeting, BFAST called on Council to “work within its budget” to take steps that would “show its good faith in seeking to improve transit in Burlington.” Such steps would include

  • restoring connectivity with GO stations and fixing broken intra-city connections,
  • maintaining the goal of city-wide coverage while developing a new route plan,
  • combining the transit and transportation studies scheduled to take place over the next two years,
  • studying the return on investment for transit in Burlington and the impact of increased transit spending on reducing spending on roads, and
  • planning for a “significant increase in municipal support for transit” in the 2018 budget year.

Download a copy of BFAST’s brief

One thought on “BFAST calls for transit improvements amid funding freeze

  1. Carl Regier

    One thing that is painful for transit is the fact the Burlington GO still isn’t done yet, so the system is still stuck in “interim” mode. Hopefully it finally gets done in the coming months, and the city can finally start figuring out how to make a system that works.


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