Candidate Responses

Below are the responses from candidates to our Transit Questionnaire. It was sent via e-mail on September 17th with a follow-up / reminder on September 30th. Responses were due October 6th and we are no longer accepting submissions. Thanks to all candidates who participated.

Click on the header to view a compilation of all responses received for each position.

Rick Goldring (Incumbent)
Anne Marsden
Peter Rusin

Ward 1
Patrick Allen
Jason Boelhouwer
Rick Craven (Incumbent)
Katherine Henshell
Gary Milne – No response received
Margaret Anne Steiss Part B  Part C

Ward 2
Kelly Arnott
Marianne Meed Ward (Incumbent)
Philip Papadopoulos
Andy Porecki

Ward 3
Jeff Brooks – NB: response received after the deadline and other candidate’s submissions were posted
Lisa Cooper
John Taylor (Incumbent)

Ward 4
Jack Dennison (Incumbent) – No response received
Carol Gottlob
Doug Wilcox

Ward 5
Paul Sharman (Incumbent) – No response received
Ian Simpson – No response received
James Smith

Ward 6
Angelo Bentivegna
Jim Curran – No response received
Pardeep Kaur Dosanjh
Jennifer Hlusko
Blair Lancaster (Incumbent) – No response received
Jivan Sanghera – No response received
Shoaib Shams – No response received
Ishar Thiara – No response received
Mina Wahidi – No response received
Vanessa Warren

Regional Chair
Gary Carr (Incumbent)
Syed Ali Naqvi
John Paulic – No response received
Greg Woodruff

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